Thursday, January 15, 2009

The fish come out on Thursday?

Pity I only had about 20 minutes to play, but it was almost the opposite of yesterday. Fish everywhere, although most tables were full so I had to wait, but even so I basically had 5 tables up and running simultaneously with good position on at least one fish.

Also unfortunately for me I had a horrible start on an Interpoker $2/4 table and found myself down about 20BBs in the first 5 minutes, including some muppet 3 reraising me on the turn with only a gut shot draw, only to obviously hit it on the river. His T7o was too good for my AJs on a J82r flop.

I made most of it back on a $3/6 table though where the guy on my right was playing 90% of hands, and if checked to would bet with any two cards. I called two river bets, one with K high and another with A high for him to show down 8 high and 9 high respectively. Admittedly he was sucking out quite often versus a couple other guys on the table, so it was nice for a change that the fish was giving me their money.

Although I ended up basically even from the tables is looks like the pound has lost against the dollar again, so my bankroll actually dropped a few $. Oh well.

I signed up for another site through RakeBackStat just in case I ever get stuck without a large site to play on without any fish.

I've also qualified for a $5k freeroll on the weekend and surely i'm due for a decent tourney performance ....

Anyways i'll leave you with a bit of an inspirational link. If i'm ever feeling like whining or complaining about life i'll have a look at this. He also has some good tips on exercising at the gym. A quick warning though - there may be a swear word or two in the clip.

Current bankroll: $16,000


JoppaRoad said...

mate there is a brilliant film that is all about Chopper's life. The man is a nutter but it makes for an excellent film.

parttimebonuschaser said...

i'll have to check it out cheers