Sunday, January 11, 2009

A cold start to Ladbrokes

For some reason I can't work out how to put a picture in the middle of my post. Anyways the graph above relates to sitngos on Interpoker which I will talk about later in this post.
I managed to get in another two hours of poker over the weekend, as well as a home game friday night for fun.

In my online time, i've cleared the sign up bonus on Ladbrokes, and as a rough estimate I believe I will need to rake another $30 to $40 there to place in the rake race. However, in my 800 or so hands so far, i'm running at a fairly cold -8BB/100, which is mainly due to my W$SD being around 41% instead of 51%. AKo has been a big loser to me, but when I looked into it, i'd lost to some pretty obscure 2 pair holdings, such as 62o, and also to a gutshot and runner runner flush draw. I've actually only had AKo five times in 800 hands so i'm not havin a lot of luck there.

I had found great position on a good $2/4 table with a huge fish on my right who was somewhere in the 95/5/.4/50 range. He had a reasonable stack of $80, and proceeded to donk off his entire stack within about 100 hands. Unfortunately for me, every time I was in a hand with him he hit his miracle outs, and then in the next hand he'd give my loss away to someone else. Frustrating. Especially when I end up down 30BBs.

Did a little better on a Ladbrokes $3/6 table to recover 7 or 8BBs, however, effectively now i'm only break even on Ladbrokes AFTER including the $100 sign up bonus and my $120 Boogster bonus. Hopefully I can run at least a little warmer when I play my last few hands to make sure I place in the rake race!

Interpoker, Cake and Bodog all paid me off 5-10BBs playing from $1/2 to $3/6. Probably made back about $80 all up in relatively few hands split fairly evenly between all three sites. Had a bit of trouble as per usual to find tables loose enough on Interpoker, but did spot a couple that I had good position on a couple fish. On a few others though, I had to quit after a single orbit as they were full of tags, but as i've noted before i'm determined to only play where I have a good edge, so i'm never going to stay at a table like that.

I also hit up 3 double up sitngos whilst I was waiting for decent cash tables to open up. The first was $5, which ended at the 15/30 blind level. I hand't received any starting hands worth playing but all of a sudden I notice there's only three of use left and i'm in the money. Score.

The next was a $15 sitngo where about 5th hand in i'm dealt AA on the button. Folded to me and I raise 3x BB to about 60 chips. Big blind then reraises me to 200 chips. I think about it for a few seconds and 3 bet to 500 chips to which he pushes in his 1,500 stack so I obviously snap call. AA holds up, and with the occasionally steal and not a single further showdown I easily double my cash.

My third double up was only a $5 again, and this one was much tougher, with all 6 players still in at the 100/200 blind level. I open push from the CO with 88, get called by 44 on the big blind who flops a 4, and i'm out. Oh well. Can't win em all.
My Interpoker double up sitngo sharkscope graph is attached above. ROI of around 17% which I think is okay. Haven't played too many as I play them as more of a change up from the cash routine but I will keep playing them to keep fresh (and whilst they are profitable)!

Current bankroll: $16,100

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I am involved in hands with fish they ALWAYS seem to hit miracle outs and suck out on me, lose all their cash and leave before I can win any of my losses back!

Glad to see there is someone else out there who shares my "fish-luck"!