Monday, January 19, 2009

Just one showdown ....

.... win would be nice.

Well, the best laid plans didn't come to fruition last night, and I ended up playing for a bit under half an hour in total instead of putting in a longer session.

I had no trouble finding some great tables, albeit mostly at $1/2, however, I managed to get pounded by the Bodog fish again, and in 80ish hands I did not win a single showdown. Its not like I wasn't getting decent starting hands, although admittedly my VPIP was down a little at 23%.

However, AA got cracked by T3o, and then again five hands later against the same player's JTo. KK couldn't stand the heat of Q6s, and my QQ failed versus 83o. So for those hands that I actually could play, I got more than my fair share of premium hands. They just happened to go quite badly.

Anyways, that's another 40BBs off the bankroll, but hopefully if I can get in a bit more volume over the next week or so, I can make some up. I'm still confident I should be smashing the bodog muppets, even though i'm again showing a loss at the tables after 17,000 hands, and i'm now a bit further away from $4/8 again.

Current bankroll: $15,950

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88% Determination said...

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So just wondered if you wanted to link up or whatever. Sorry have not much idea what im doing :)