Monday, January 12, 2009

Still cool

I fired up Ladbrokes, Interpoker and Bodog in search of some fish to play against. Found a single $2/4 table on Ladbrokes worth playing so I sat down there, and rapidly found myself down 15BB when I couldn't win a showdown. KK was no good versus 67o, KK then ran into AA, and my JJ got rivered by an A. Superbly hot starting hands in the first two orbits .. horrible result. And after two orbits i'm down 20BBs.

On Interpoker I found two tables that had potential out of about 10 that were running at the right stakes. Of those two the first that I sat at ended up being full of tags, so I left after one orbit but was up a few BBs. The second was a little better, until my fish on my right left after a couple orbits and was replaced by a tag. Managed to drop 10BBs in that time though as I again managed not to win a showdown.

Bodog I found three fishy tables, where I had position on a very loose passive on every single one of them. My form from the previous day continued though, and I was soon down 30BBs. I received relatively few premium hands, but they were good enough to see a flop, and continue. Only takes a few suckouts though and i'm getting spanked again. My fish disappeared relatively quickly on two of the tables though, so I didn't get the chance to win it back.

Ladbrokes did turn around though, where the fish decided to call me down a few times when I was betting hard. One had I had A6s in the big blind on a flop of A64, so I was more than happy to reraise a flop bet and take the betting lead on all streets. My QQ also held up against my earlier 67o fish which was the first one that had held up for the day, quickly followed by JJ holding up, and before I know it, i'm back in front on Ladbrokes, and the loss for the session isn't that bad. Hallelujah.

Current bankroll: $16,050

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