Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fair start to 2009

Have played a couple hours of Bodog, and a little less of Interpoker to clear my 30 pound bonus for the month there. I think I probably should have signed up for the 60 pound bonus as i've already cleared a quarter of it. Maybe next month.

Interpoker started on fire, up 25BBs in a matter of minutes, before giving back almost all of it over the remainder of the session. I couldn't get anyone to fold to a cbet which was proving costly, although did result in a couple nice payoffs. A couple fish also produced some big river suckouts, otherwise Interpoker would have remained on target for a cracking month.

Bodog was a little different - starting down about 10BBs before recovering that, and then more to end up 70BBs to the good .. although only at $1/2. I had position on some pretty big fish on the three tables I had open, and they decided it was a good idea to pay me off over and over again. A couple fish on one table I realised I couldn't cbet into as they'd rarely fold, so I switched to simply value betting versus them.

I also layed one of the William Hill turkey freerolls (well MPP purchased buy ins) this morning, but busted out in about 200 out of 900 when I pushed with trash attempting to steal the blinds and a limper. Limper called with QJs for half his stack and hit a QJ flop. I have a few MPPs left there so might enter a couple more if they are at a convenient time.

Current bankroll: $15,900

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