Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bankroll tracking - where is my money?

I've had a few queries recently about how I track where all my bankroll is when i'm playing on so many sites.

The simple answer is - an excel spreadsheet. Its pretty basic, but does the job, with each day running down the rows, and each individual poker room, rakeback accrual, ewallet, total withdrawn and interest accrual running across the columns.

Every time I log out of a site I update the current balance on the spreadsheet for that particular site, and at the end of the day or start of the next day copy the row down.

I also use the comments field to note any transfers made, normally between my ewallet and a poker room.

Effectively I have my bankroll currently spread across ten different poker rooms which is down from twelve the other day when I cleaned out a couple. I have one more to clean out which will take me down to nine active rooms.

For interest my current nine active rooms are: Fulltilt, Bodog, Pacific, Interpoker, Sun, Party, Cake, Pokerstars and Ladbrokes. Of those i'm mainly playing Bodog, Interpoker, Cake, Sun, Fulltilt and Ladbrokes currently. (Although once I get the handgrabber I may play some more pacific. Would be nice to receive a reload bonus first there though).

How much bankroll do I leave on any particular site? Generally I will withdraw down to 100BBs if I get up to 200BBs on any site. Since I make this assessment at the $3/6 level, effectively I withdraw every once my bankroll goes a bit over $1,100 to put my balance back to $600.

I actually played another 45 minute session last night, and made my deposit on Sun to pick up their first deposit bonus. Sun is now on the ipoker network so I have been set up with a grandfathered deal from raketherake. Ipoker actually looks fairly good - a lot of tables running so plenty to choose from, although almost all had active wait lists, and many looked too tight to be worth playing on. Still, managed to open a couple up with position on a fish and made a few BBs - which was offset by losing a few BBs on bodog. Bodog struck again when I turned the nut flush on a board that read 5339. The middle position villain obviously had 53 for a flopped boat.

Current bankroll: $16,150


nemo said...

yo m8 you ever considered Hollywood poker? from what I hear they have an amazing sign up bonus if you can clear it.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah mate, already done that one

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to make a copy of your spreadsheet sir! I have had to fomat my PC twice in as many months and without backing up my files I would be in shit street!

parttimebonuschaser said...

good point actually, as my vista is givin me the shits. my last backup is over a month old.

maybe i should store it online somewhere as well

condorandino said...

How would you compare Sun signup + RTR grandfathered Mercury VIP against the plain signup bonus of VCPoker?

parttimebonuschaser said...

Sorry, missed your question before. Firstly I wouldn't sign up with just the deposit bonus, i'd use boogster to get the extra $120. Link on right :)

Then your equivalent rakeback rate is a little over 80% - much better than the sun deal which is only 40% at mercury level including the sign up bonus