Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freeroll fail

As planned fired up my freeroll, which ended up having about 80 runners for $5k prizemoney. Interesting at least 20 of them would have been sitting out, so with the top 15 being paid I figured I had a fair chance of making the money.

First hand I find myself with 44 in the CO, and its folded to me, with only one real player to come after me with two others sitting out, I make a small 3BB raise which surprisingly gets called by the only player. Flop is 10 high, so I make a half pot cbet, which gets called, turn check check, river check check and he shows 77. So after one hand i'm behind the guys who havent even bothered to turn up.

After that I get nothing ... absolutely nothing for then next 30 hands, and only manage to survive by stealing a blind every orbit with complete trash, and for some reason nobody ever plays back at me. The structure seemed pretty quick as the blinds were up to 100/200 after only 40 minutes. At 100/200 though I find myself down to only 6BBs, and decide to push with 88 UTG. I get one caller from the CO who has me covered by about 300 chips, and he flips over A9o. WTF? And of course an A flops, and my gutshot or 8 misses on the river. gg.

Played a few cash tables at the same time, and Bodog continues to mess with my head. I seemed to get rivered consistently, and in my hour and a half for the weekend I had a went to showdown of 30% and a W$SD of 35% to put me 25BBs down at $1/2. F me. On the other hand the Cake tables were at least slightly more generous, and I ended up about 20 BBs on the $3/6 tables but down about 15BBs on the $2/4 tables. At least I ran about even for the weekend, and finished off my monthly Interpoker bonus for a small profit.

I'm getting further away from playing $4/8 on Bodog, but a lot closer to making a withdrawal from Cake as I am still running hot there by the looks.

Its a slow month so far, but I should get in a few more hours later in the week. Hopefully I'll have a decent run.

Current bankroll: $16,050

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The blindman said...

A9o is an ok hand to call a shortstack (6BB) shove with IMO. Your range probably includes all the small pairs, some worse aces, a lot of kings and probably some suited connectors.