Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poker kickbacks = awesome!

I've already managed to clear my kickback on Ladbrokes. I'd actually forgotten just how quickly kick back bonuses clear. Not really much more than a couple hours play, not even four tabling since the traffic there is so low. Anyways, that's a $120 boost to the bankroll thanks to Boogster . It reminds me how important those kick back bonuses were for me starting out my bankroll last year, so I think i'll have to seek out a few more.

I'm also a little over halfway through clearing my Ladbrokes $100 sign up bonus. Hopefully I can clear that in a couple more hours of play. I realised I didn't need to panic about making it into the Ladbrokes rake race, as I think I am easily raking enough to get in the top 3,000. Will wait for the next rake leader board update to check.

Thankfully the Boogster bonus has offset me for my hour and a half last night of running like stink on the tables, and dropping a good 20BBs on the Interpoker $2/4 tables. So instead of being down for the session, my bankroll has continued to increase .. albeit slowly ...

I'm looking forward to clearing that sign up bonus on Ladbrokes as well - and hopefully I can win a few BBs on the tables at the same time.

Current bankroll: $16,050

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