Monday, January 26, 2009

Some volume - super cold streak

I did actually get in about 5 hours of poker over the weekend which is a fair bit for me.

On Saturday I played a three hour session on Bodog, where I had four tables open for almost the entire time. On three of them the two players to my right had a vpip of over 50% and on the fourth one player to my right had a vpip of over 60%.

What then followed was one of the worst sessions i've ever had, and in 900 hands I managed to only get to 30% of showdowns and of those I won 30%. A quick bit of math tells you that results in running at somewhere around -16 to -20BB/100. A little more math tells you, that's a loss of 180BBs. (And just remember how fishy those tables were to add insult to injury ....)

Obviously there were many horrendous beats in that time, but I think my play actually stayed fairly robust. I didn't play any more hands than I normally would, although I maybe have called down three hands a little lighter than normal versus a maniac who was bluffing all streets quite regularly. Then again, maybe I wasn't incorrect in those plays.

My next session of the weekend was an hour on Sunday, where I played a little bodog and won back about 20BBs, and also opened some $2/4 and $3/6 on Sun where I ran like turd again, to drop 10 and 15BBs respectively. So now i'm down about $500 in about 4 hours of play for the weekend ....

Monday I get in another hour (public holiday here), and finally run semi okay to win back around 10BBs at $3/6 and just another 10BBs at $2/4 whilst running down until the last few hands at $1/2 to end up by 20BBs there as well. Thankfully my Bodog reload bonus also came through for this month which gave me a bit over $150. It is kinda handy also when losing at $1/2 but winning at $3/6, every one BB win makes up for a three BB loss.

Having a look at bodog, i'm now 225BBs down from peak, with my downswing at worst hitting 275BBs. And that's against total fish. Ouch. Looks like $4/8 is a bit of a way off again on Bodog .. Like about 150BBs at $1/2 ...

Surely this month will turn around soon, and i'll get a heater???

That being said, if I take a big step back and look at my results for the month, i'm still up by $150 (with probably another $100 to come from the Ladbrokes rake race). I've also not put in a huge number of hours for the month, and I still really enjoy the game. It still feels very much like i'm playing for fun, and any win, no matter how small is like icing on the cake.

Current bankroll: $15,950

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The blindman said...

Nasty swing.

It's those downers that really drive me crazy in limit. Well done on keeping a good attitude (as you always do). Hang in there, and I'm sure it will turn around (it always does).