Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to bonus clearing

The start of each month is inevitably the time to hit up any of the monthly bonuses from my regular sites. Its also when I usually like to sign up to new deals, as often there are other benefits in a new deal such as a rake race that may allow me to pick up some additional cash in addition to the standard bonuses.

So in my half hour session yesterday, I kicked along my Interpoker monthly bonus clearing, although struggled a bit to find any good tables where I was able to have good position on the fish. I ended up only playing a couple orbits there as when I did finally sit next to a fish, they seemed to bust within the next few hands. Oh well. Still ... made about 10 BBs at $2/4 as I hit a couple nice hands.

I also had a closer look at Ladbrokes which I signed up to the other day via RakeAway. I found a couple $1/2 tables that were sort of worth playing on but nothing running at $2/4 or $3/6. In the half hour of only two tabling I cleared 10% of the requirements for my sign up bonus of approx $120, but only broke even on the tables. I also had a quick look at the rake race, and it appears that in order to be in the top 3,000 players to get $100, you need to rake a touch over $4 per day. So that equates to around 80% rakeback - provided other players don't decide to play more and push up that requirement to get into the top 3,000.

Current bankroll: $16,000

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