Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seat selection vs bonus clearing

Had an interesting dilemma last night. I know i've been struggling to find tables to play on for the Ladbrokes rake race, and again there were only a couple tables running that were even worth looking at.

There were two fish on the table but the only seat available was the seat to their right. To the right of that vacant seat was a tight passive, so it could have been worse I suppose, but normally i'd get up and wait for the seat on the left of the fish to become free.

However, given i'm a bit behind on the rake race, I decided to sit there and play anyways. In my half hour session I dropped about 5BBs, but made that much up on bonuses cleared, and am now also a bit closer to getting onto the rake race leader board.

I actually was a little unlucky on a few hands .. such as flopping trips to lose to a runner runner straight, but overall, I don't want to be playing out of position versus the fish. I think though, that I will still play in that seat whilst i'm chasing a rake placing, but once I get in the money, I will seat select more carefully to maintain my rake position, whilst giving myself the best chance of a good return on the tables.

Current bankroll: $16,000


The blindman said...

I'm curious to know how you seat select on sites like Stars and Crypto where you cannot mine hands unless you are playing. It seems that it is very difficult unless you have a huge database.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Stars I don't play on enough to worry about. Fulltilt though I find if you play at similar times you often get similar opponents, so I use the colour coding thing on there.

Often though its a matter of spotting the high players per hand tables and then avoiding poor position versus known tags, and hoping for the best from unknowns.

Normally it only takes an orbit or two to spot the tags versus the fish though, so if i've picked a dud spot I just quit the table and open a new one. (irrespective of whether i'm up or down)

Crypto isn't too big in terms of player base, so it doesn't take long to get a handle on a lot of you opponents - and generally crypto seems to be full of tags. I also note my HUD stats in the notes field so that I can check the opponents quite quickly without waiting for the hud to come up.