Monday, December 1, 2008

Party to the rescue

Its funny how things tend to just work out in the end.

I wrote the other day how I screwed up my Cake reload, by accidently depositing $50 instead of $400, which meant my bonus was all of $12.50 instead of $100.

On Saturday I then receive an email from Party offering a 20% reload that clears at 3x party points. For a shorthanded player that is equivalent to around 120% rakeback, based on my play, and for a full ring player it would be even higher. So basically its a no brainer to take up the offer.

The thing is, if i'd have taken up the full Cake offer, i'd only have $100 left in my Neteller account, and may not have been able to take up the Party offer. As it happens, my screw up left me with $500 in my Neteller account, basically exactly the amount I needed to take up the Party offer in full.

Over the last couple days i've cleared the $100 Party bonus on the $2/4 tables, and whilst clearing also made around 40BBs on the tables and added enough points to my party points balance to get a $25 cash back payment as well, so all in all, a tidy little exercise. In summary, I deposited $500 on Saturday and then withdrew $800 back to neteller on Monday.

The only bit of a problem I have with party is that there are tons of TAGs there, and I seem to be forever shuffling tables. On Sunday, when 2 tabling whilst playing a tourney, in the space of 3 hours I opened up and sat down at 18 different tables. Monday was quite similar with 21 tables being opened in a 3 hour window. However, as i've discussed before i'm refusing to play on tables that are too tight, and now make it a rule that on my immediate right I either have a fish, or a complete maniac or I have to leave the table.

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