Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cake gold card fishing and Pokerstars reload

Actually played a couple hours this morning on Cake when they had their 4x gold card promotion, where gold cards are supposed to drop four times as fast as usual.

They hold a gold card lottery each day and give away either cash or a freeroll when you trade in your cards. The rarer the card the higher the value cash or freeroll.

I picked up a few cards on the $3/6 and $2/4 tables, but only made a couple BBs overall after several nasty beats. It was one of those sessions that I was never really down in, but never really up either, although on a $1/2 table I did need to reload after dropping 25BBs, but that was more than made up on a $3/6 where I was up 10BBs.

Also received my monthly Bodog reload bonus which is a nice little boost to the bankroll, so also deposited another $200 for my next reload. I think I will receive a rakeback adjustment shortly for my bonus payout so I have dropped my total bankroll by a bit to compensatte.

On top of that I deposited only $100 on Pokerstars for their reload. According to 2p2 its only worth around 20% rakeback, but i'll play the double ups on there whenever i'm bored of cash, and since their rake is lower, its more like an equivalent 38% rakeback on the normal double ups, and even higher on the turbos, when compared to say the crypto double ups.

Current bankroll: $15,600

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