Thursday, December 11, 2008

Room review - Bodog

I've decided its time to start writing my thoughts on particular sites. I figured i'd start with Bodog, as that is one of several sites that I often play on at the moment. Please bear in mind this is my opinion only and relates specifically to limit poker, and some of the strengths are more relevant to my affiliate than to Bodog itself.

  1. Great bonus deal on Bodog which provides very good bonus $ including monthly reloads!!(feel free to click my rakebackstat link and let me know if you sign up!) RakeBackStat
  2. Easy to see how much in bonuses you are earning (daily)
  3. Often fairly fishy opponents - its rare when a table is running that its not worth sitting down
  4. The loyalty points system on Bodog converts directly to cash
  5. You don't have to clear the entire reload bonus each month - you receive any earnings to the nearest 1c
  6. Some bonus cash doesn't need to be redeposited to Bodog
  7. Appears to be fewer sharks as you need to buy third party software to capture hands into Pokertracker
  8. Stability - I haven't had a crash yet, although I believe others have had problems


  1. Not huge traffic. Often only 2 or 3 tables running at $1/2, and at night times for me there are often none running that I want to play on.
  2. No 6 max tables between $1/2 and $4/8 (so I need to build up my roll on there)
  3. You can only play 4 tables at a time (not an issue for me)
  4. You need to get third party software to capture hands into Pokertracker
  5. I believe US players have major cash out issues. Not a problem for me though.

Rake structure

25c/$5 for the $1/2 games with a max of $1.50, which is not quite as good as fulltilt due to the maximum of $1 there. Probably better than ipoker that has 5c/$1, although that has a max of $1 as well.

At $4/8 it has a poorer structure of 50c/$10 compared with say fulltilt at $1/$20

My performance

I ran incredibly cold at the start of my Bodog experience, and am only now beginning to pull it back. Overall i'm back to about -0.4BB/100 which is actually a loss at the tables. Given it started at a hideous -2BB/100 or worse, i'm slowly edging my way back towards expectation.

I've had a couple shots at $4/8, and although i've had fishy opponents, both shots were largely unsuccessful. I believe that was variance more than the game not being easily beatable.

I was going to copy and paste in a chart of my Bodog bankroll movements, but it doesnt really make sense due to deposits and withdrawals. Overall i've deposited $1,300 onto bodog, withdrawn $1,050, and have a current bankroll of $800. So overall up around $550 in around 12,000 hands. Actually a bit disappointing, but the results are kinda skewed by the shots at $4/8 being fairly big losers.

Small addendum: I'm still running at a 37% wtsd with a quite cold 47% w$sd. That's probably costing me at least 2BB/100 and maybe more compared to a normal winrate with a 37% wtsd.

Small addendum 2: Now running at 48%W$SD, and actually showing a positive 0.1BB/100 after the weekend's session

My current plans

I will continue to take up their monthly reloads, and clear as much of them as possible. Part of my bonus cash I will be withdrawing every one or two months. I'm hoping to build my bankroll up on there to be playable on $4/8.

Who am I signed up through

As discussed above I signed up with Bodog through RakeBackStat . Have had no issues with them so far, and cash outs are on request. In fact through one error they actually credited me for the inconvenience even though it was the room's error and not theirs.

Overall opinion

I actually quite enjoy bodog which I guess is fairly obvious based on my above plans. Yes it has its drawbacks, and i've had a relatively poor run there, but overall they're not enough to stop me playing there. The relatively good deal through RBS and the monthly reloads make it a great site to play on. I think I will be even more successful when i'm up and running on the $4/8 tables rather than the $1/2 as they also appear to be quite fishy.

If you're only playing on a single site, I couldn't recommend it due to the lack of volume. However, if you're looking for a part time site to play on whilst playing on other sites simultaneously then go for it. At the moment, I effectively use it in this manner when tables aren't available on the other sites that i'm clearing bonuses on.


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Thanks for the review ... it will have even more value when the others reviews appear.

For now, I'm sold when the time comes.

nemo said...

Thanks for the review. I've always loved Bodog, however not so much for their LHE games, but for their SnG's. According to my spreadsheat, my ROI in the $5 SnGs on Bodog is somewhere around 112%.

p.s. see ya in the wbcoop!

Amatay said...

never played there b4 tbh, might give it a try.

BTW get yourself signed upto Raisetheriver m8. Im a mod on there atm and prolly soon to be admin. Gonna get some good little leagues and shit going soon. Its bascially a forum for bloggers. Sign up, write an intro post and mention me or summat, its a gd crack and will give ur blog more exposure and stuff

parttimebonuschaser said...

havent tried a SnG there yet. might have to have a look.

yep i'm a member on raise the river already amatay. i'll have to dig up my id there - i know i have it somewhere....

Admin said...

Great objective review. I liked the fact that you included your own experiences at Bodog poker.

We are building our own collection of poker room reviews on our blog; right now we are one review ahead of you:-)

Best Regards