Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogger championship times

This post is kind of more of a reference for myself, in working out when I need to get out of bed to play in the blogger championship. The tourney timeframe doesn't look all that pretty for me! It looks like I might play in one, maybe two of the qualifiers.

The qualifying tournament schedule is as follows:
  • 124189658 - Dec 15 - 14:00 ET - Pot Limit Omaha = 5.30am ... couldn't be knackered getting up that early. I noticed only 450 entrants though, so there's probably reasonable value entering even without much of a clue

  • 124189659 - Dec 16 - 17:00 ET - No Limit Hold'em = 8.30am would have to take the morning off work ... a chance ... but very unlikely

  • 124189660 - Dec 17 - 22:00 ET - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo = 1.30pm middle of the day at work .. no chance

  • 124189661 - Dec 18 - 14:00 ET - No Limit Hold'em = 5.30am ... bah early again ... although at least i know how to play holdem.

  • 124189662 - Dec 19 - 17:00 ET - 8-Game Mix = 8.30am hmmm bit of a problem if i dont know what i'm doing, but at least I can play this one, since its on saturday for me.

  • 124189663 - Dec 20 - 15:00 ET - No Limit Hold'em = 6.30am .. might make this one

Good luck to everyone else (particularly in the events I dont play in ....)

For my cash play last night, I literally played a single orbit on two tables. I couldn't find many tables running, and those that were I couldn't get good position on the fish, so I just decided to quit and come back another day. That being said the single orbits did give me about 15BBs so I can't complain.

Current bankroll: $15,250


The blindman said...

Hah, move to WA and try getting up at 4am for these instead.

I played the PLO this morning, and started well before blowing it all with a 2nd nut straight. My brain doesn't work too well at 4am :(

Amatay said...

nice bankroll mate 15k+ sweeeet :-)

BTW get yourself signed upto Raisetheriver m8. Im a mod on there atm and prolly soon to be admin. Gonna get some good little leagues and shit going soon. Its bascially a forum for bloggers. Sign up, write an intro post and mention me or summat, its a gd crack and will give ur blog more exposure and stuff

nemo said...

lol i love how amafish keeps asking you to sign up on RtR, silly goose.