Monday, December 1, 2008

$15k milestone

In the last couple days my bankroll has reached $15,000 for the first time which is significantly more than I had expected at the start of this year when my bankroll was all of $2,500. I will probably reflect on that in my end of year post, but its nice to know that my hobby that I really enjoy has been making me about $1k per month.

I had yesterday off work again as I just can't throw this cold/flu/whatever it is. Putting in about 3 hours of play resulted in me clearing my Party bonus, and making enough profit on the tables to just squeak over the $15k mark. I actually wasn't specifically aiming for it, and was a little surprised when I entered my end of day balances in my spreadsheet to see that i'd crossed that milestone. (Particularly when taking into account that about a week ago my bankroll was under $14,000).

Being unaware was probably for the best, as its not really good for your play to be aiming for a certain amount - I subscribe to the theory that you should always just play as you normally play, as close to optimally as possible depending on your opponents and the play that is occurring within the current hand.

If you're aiming for a certain value it could easily influence your play, even unconsciously, such that you may play tighter when you get to your target and potentially leave value on the table, or (and considerably worse) you might start falling away from reaching your target and play looser to try to meet it (ie TILT), which inevitably will result in further losses. I guess for some people it might occur the opposite way round, but anything that makes you play looser when you really shouldn't be can't be good for your overall bankroll.

Current bankroll: $15,000


L4Y SP said...

CONGRATS.....and you're absolutely right about aiming for a specific milestone. regards L4

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Congratulations, mate! Very impressive.

zero to hero said...

a bonus you may not be aware of is on full tilt ironman challange where you can get a bonus from 25- 100 depending how many points per day you get .
need a min of 50 points per day for 20 days to get 25, 100 points for 50 and 200 points for 100 or close too which you should have no trouble clearing . also dates back to july so anytime you have done the above will get you a xmas bonus for up to 6 months

parttimebonuschaser said...

Thanks guys, and yeah Zero, I played some of the iron man months last year, and thought about doing it in December.

Only problem is a lot of days I only play for 15 minutes so I may not earn 50 points in a day, let alone 100, otherwise i'd be doing it for sure as I quite like fulltilt.