Friday, December 19, 2008

Wbcoop 8 game - part 3. The end

Well, i quickly dropped 1k in chips straight after the restart when I raised a half decent hand preflop that missed badly and then faced a raise on the turn.

A few hands later I doubled up to about 6k when my KKTT held up in 7 card hi/lo for the high. From then on though, I got literally nothing, and didn't have any blind steal opportunities. Things were looking pretty dismal with about 2k chips and 77 players left. I think I was 2nd to bottom at one stage.

I ended up folding into 71st. Thanks go out to one muppet at our table decided to steal from the sb for about 4k chips from the table big stack in the big blind. SB turned over 9s4s. BB turned over KsQs ... K on the flop and he's out.

Went out next hand after the bubble burst in Omaha in the SB with bugger all chips. Had a pair of 3s so just pushed my 1.5BBs. Unfortunately up against KK who flopped a K. Anyways, very happy with the result. Cyas in the final! Although i'm beginning to think NLHE is actually my weakest game (apart from stud).


The blindman said...

I reckon our shorthanded limit experience puts us in very good stead in this kind of field. Most of the games are limit, and the players are probably mostly NLHE only players. That's definitely advantage us in games like 2-7 triple draw (one of my new favourites).

nemo said...

congrats m8!

i also qualified today. see ya in the final!

btw, what's your username on Stars?

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah i loved 2-7 and razz as well for that matter.

great work nemo. cya there

i'm shearin88 on stars