Monday, December 22, 2008

Back to cash

The tourney journey appears to be over for now. No more worthwhile freerolls for a bit as far as I know. It was fun as a change up, but i'm now really looking forward to getting back into cash.

I played all of 10 minutes last night, opening a couple bodog tables, where I had one player on the table who was willing to bet all streets with Q high and no kicker. Called him down with K high 3 times, and won the hand 2 twice and lost once when he rivered his T to pair his QTo holding which he'd bet all streets with no draw. Also had him call me down once when I had at least TPTK, and he called the river with air. So in two orbits i'm up about 20BBs.

I also found a juicy Cake table, and noticed the guy on my right do exactly the same thing as the guy on the Bodog table. I scored one hand in the first orbit of AQ on a Q high flop, and he bet or called me down the whole wasy. Unfortunately for me Cake decided it was maintenance time and closed all their tables for a few minutes, so that was the last hand I played there for a handful of BBs.

Its now that time of year to start thinking about my goals for next year. Might have to make some notes for a future post.

Current bankroll: $15,350

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