Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wbcoop final - part 2

Survived to the second break, mainly through one single hand.

First hand after the break I started with QQ. Everyone folded preflop.

Second hand after the break TT. Everyone folded preflop.

Fourth hand after the break TT. One caller. He folded flop.

My cat then decided to knock my breakfast bowl off the table, with shattering results which was handy. So between hands cleaned most of that up.

Key hand of the session. 99 in earlyish position. Flop trips on a 2 suited and semi connected board. Slightly shorter goes all in to my flop raise and I push all in. He flips over JTs for a straight draw and flush draw, which fortunately for me misses, and i've basically doubled up to be in about 60th in the break with 12k chips.

addendum #2: That 99 hand has been posted in a replayer on the Pokerstars wbcoop blog .. just do a search for shearin88. Apparently he was some dude called 'Micon' who can play a bit.


In this session I also managed to make one fold preflop that I thought was a small miracle. UTG (who had me covered) raised it 4BBs and I was sitting in the SB with JJ. It got folded around to me and I was sure I was raising this up, but for some reason I decided to fold at the last minute and hit the fold button instead. The big blind then pushed all in which UTG snap called with AK. Unfortunately for him, the Big Blind had AA, and I breathed a massive sigh of relief. I'm pretty sure this can't be the right play from me, but I was almost in doubleup mode at the time where I just wanted to make the top 100.

Wouldbe also joined my table halfway through and is lookin okay but a little short on 4.5k


nemo said...

glglglglgl TID m8!

and yes, AA and KK are my worst enemies at the moment

nemo said...

micon is a tool... i bought his "Micon System" for MTTs... biggest waste of $150 :(