Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A new graph .. interesting results

After a comment from TiocfaidhArLa on my last post, I've added a new graph to the blog, at least temporarily, which shows results by month split between poker profits/losses, rakeback and bankroll interest earnings. Who'd have thought doing such a simple graph could be quite useful for analysis? (oh and sorry about the size. dunno how to get anything bigger in there).

By the looks of it my total poker earnings are around 2/3 from rakeback and bonuses, and 1/3 from actual poker play. I believe that does seem reasonable for a limit player given the relatively high rake, but don't know of anyone keeping those kind of stats, and haven't read about it on 2p2 that I can recall.

I guess it really does highlight the need for a good RB/Bonus deal at all times!!

The graph also shows a few lean months lately for August, October and November. November I was expecting a much slower month due to a lower volume than usual. I'm probably expecting a similar result in December because I know i'm fairly busy this month most weekends so will be lucky to get in 3,000 hands this month verus the usual 5 or 6. I'd also note that i'd played more in the first few months of the year than I have been playing in any of the last 5 months.

So, what happened in August and October? Well in October it looks like I hit a fairly decent sized downswing, and was having a shocking run at showdowns. In almost the first 3 weeks i'd made a grand total of $100 including bonuses!! So in the end the final October figure was probably better than expected.

August was my real horror month. Even by the 27th of August I was actually down $350 for the month, and again had a good rally in the last few days, so results could easily have been much worse. It looks like one of the main causes was losing 100BBs at $3/6 in two hours, which is always going to be painful. However, the whole month appeared to be cooler after cooler, with a number of sessions having W$SD < 30%.

So overall, nothing really to worry about. A bit of variance in those couple months which given my low volume should be expected. I suspect that monthly analysis is not particularly useful, (albeit interesting) although could be used to potentially identify areas for further investigation.

I played for an hour last night, but struggled to find good tables. Ended up spread between $1/2 and $2/4 and quickly found myself down 40BBs to some massive fish who somehow thought T7o was worth a call against a raise on a flop of AK7 and called down to hit their two pair T on the river versus my AQ. (One of many, many beats that kinda sucked).

I kept at it though and recovered about 35BBs as these guys were massive fish. Bodog even gave me a profit for the first time in ages, although Cake gave me a losing session for the first time.

Current bankroll: $15,000


Brandon Mark said...

How do you get your bankroll graph on the top right hand corner I love it?!

parttimebonuschaser said...

At the moment its just a picture, which is why its so small. (from a spreadsheet chart that I track all my results on)

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Happy to be of assistance, mate. Beyond the value of RB in $ terms, there is a very positive smoothing effect on the linear nature of your graph that impresses me most. You can pretty much count on that income now as the sample size appears statistically significant.

It's often said that professional online players are long term break even making profit from RB volume.

I think being a winning player without RB as you are is a healthy addition to the equation.

The blindman said...

Yep, you're way ahead of me when it comes to play. I am breaking even at best through play, and making all my profit through RB and bonuses. Mind you, it's a situation I intend to change.