Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wbcoop final - The end

The third session started badly for me. Mainly with one hand where i've called an UTG+2 preflop raise in the Big Blind with KTs and flopped Kxx with xx being low semi connected suited cards, but not my suit.

He has then raised, and I repopped him, only to see him go all in without much thought. To call that would have completely crippled me. I was possibly in front, but with only 140ish players remaining and my aim for the top 100, I eventually crumbled and folded with my top pair, average kicker. Not sure if that one's the right decision, but it left me with about 7k chips and out of the top 100, and blinds reasonably high, say 250/500ish.

Great .. i'd halved my stack and was sitting out of the 100.

Got nothin much for a while except a couple blind steals. However, the guy on my right had stolen my blinds a few times, although he had also tangled with wouldbe almost every 3rd hand by the looks of it, who was sitting on his right.

I ended up taking a stand when it was folded to the SB when i'm on the BB looking at KJo. He shoved, which put me all in, and I snap called, only to see TT. Fortunately for me I won the race with a K on the flop, so was now comfortably back in the top 100 with the bubble getting ever closer.

From then on I was fairly card dead. I once had 55 in UTG+1, and the next hand in UTG I had 66. I folded both preflop as I really didnt want to see a raise behind me. Was a little irritating to see a 5 on the first flop and a 6 on the second one though ...

When the bubble burst I was still on around 6k chips but blinds were 500/1k. And not only did I have a couple aggressive players on my right, the tourney big stack was only one or two to my left, and was calling relatively often, with generally good cards.

To kick me out, I had the princely T8o when it was folded to me in the CO, which i've then tried to steal with for my 6BBs. Big stack called with ATo, and its good night for me. Maybe I should have been more patient and waited for a better spot ... but I didn't. 87th was okay though for the first attempt. Now i've just got to figure out what to do with a steps ticket. Is there anyone way to convert it to T$? I'd rather just play the double ups.

Wouldbe was kickin along okay at this stage, as he'd basically accumulated another 20k chips, so hopefully he came out okay.

Blindman was on the rail cheering us on, although he'd been knocked out a little earlier TPTK v trips. I saw Joppa was going okay at one stage, but didn't check again before I ran off to work.

Overall, the WBCOOP was an enjoyable experience, where i've learnt quite a lot as well as a few new games thanks to the 8game qualifier. I probably have to do a bit more reading on NL tournament strategy though, but since I only really play freerolls at NL or double ups, i'm in no rush.

Its definitely taught me though, that tourneys really aren't my game. I'm sure the concentration starts fading, and when i'd finished one of the qualifiers, I'd really had enough of poker for a bit, and even though I could have played cash afterwards, I didnt bother until the next day.

I played a few Bodog cash tables while tourneying and a couple other freerolls i'd qualified for through affiliates. One freeroll I placed near the bottom of the money for a huge $12, and in the other I received a horrible beat (one of those 2 outer jobs) to go out in 16th when top 10 were paid. The bodog cash tables smashed me though, with a <30% W$SD. Overall my W$SD there has dropped below 48% again. FFS.

Current bankroll: $15,300


nemo said...

ul m8, was cheerin for ya the whole way

would-be said...

wp and ul mate. Was good to see u play and to share the table with u.