Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another shot at $4/8

Found a bunch of decent tables on bodog this morning, with 3 decent tables of $1/2 and one superb $4/8 table. I decided to sit down at the $4/8 with two vpip 50+ guys on my right, two on my left, and one tight passive opposite me.

As per usual though, I got off to an absolute shocker right from the start. My hands were not even holding up against 72o ... which obviously my opponents were playing against me, and for some reason they thought it was good ....

After 72 hands I still had not won a showdown, and by about 130 hands I was down by 60BBs on the $4/8 table, which is a decent dent in the bankroll. I'd had to buy back in twice, but I knew I was playing well and had fantastic position on a super soft table so didn't really consider quitting. To top it off, at the same time on my other 3 $1/2 tables I was also down 60BBs ... so that's a 120BB downswing in the space of an hour and a half.

After playing for another 45 mins or so, however, I had recovered a solid 30BBs at $4/8 and 30BBs at $1/2. Why can't I start like that?? Still down fairly substantially, but could have been a lot worse.

Overall on Bodog $4/8 i'm now all of 523 hands VPIP 25% PFR 16% WTSD 42% W$SD 40% ... = -10BB/100. At $1/2 i'm 13,000 hands VPIP 26% PFR 19% WTSD 37% W$SD 48% ... = -0.5BB/100. Overall my W$SD is still under 48%. It would be nice to run a little warmer .. or at least to expectation for an extended period of time ... I also want to push up the vpip a little - probably mostly through playing my BB a little more whenever there are cold callers in addition to an open raiser.

I also played my WBCOOP step 3 ticket on stars, and got absolutely nowhere ... I think I was second out after flopping 3 good, but second best hands (including one runner runner flush draw - argh!) and I ended up shoving a weak ace versus a better ace to lose badly.

Current bankroll: $15,300

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