Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some freeroll success

Ended up entering 4 freerolls on the weekend, 3 of which I crashed and burned relatively quickly to the usual nasty beats - AK v A4 in one and AKs v 56s in another. But that's life. In the 4th I ended up playing for about three hours to cash about $200 so all in all not a bad exercise, since I didn't even risk any of my own money.

The better one's were the affiliate sponsored freerolls. I looked at a few site one's but a $250 prize pool for 200 entrants seems like a complete waste of time.

On the side I played cash tables on Bodog, and Party. I am still running super cold on Bodog with a W$SD of 47% after almost 11,000 hands now and that session cost me another 40BBs! That has cost me probably around 2BB/100, maybe even slightly more, which in 11,000 hands adds up to quite a lot! Luckily Party offset the loss as one of the $2/4 tables paid me off for about 25BBs.

Current bankroll: $14,800

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

Nice tourney cash ... just goes to show that fundamentals are hard to beat.