Friday, December 19, 2008

wbcoop 8 game - part 1

At the first break of the 8 game and i'm on 4500 chips. 320 left of 456, and average stack is 3,562. I'm a little out of the top 72 but not too far off.

Its interesting, i've actually made the most from the lowball and high/low games. I think its cause other people even have less clue than me ... particularly the guy in 2-7 triple draw who showed down trip tens ...

I did misread one omaha hi/lo board which cost me about 400 chips, but I think thats my only mistake so far. i've got absolutely nothin on the NL orbits, but maybe thats a good thing, as its kept me out of trouble

wish me luck!

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The blindman said...

I busted out around 250th or so.

I found the whole thing quite fun, even though I again only played about half the hands due to morning duties like washing the dishes :)

I found my table to be a mix of loose/passive and weak/tight, and with little idea of how to play limit. It looked like some players just decided to fold every hand of the games they didn't know, which was fine by me.

I doubled up before we even got to NL, which is pretty good going playing only the limit games. I then missed most of the NL and PLO, which suited me just fine.

Got up to around 9k peak, I think before going out in the second round of PLO. I had a 8-J suited rundown, and went out to a terrible pair of aces (AAAT, one suit). Most of the chips went in PF, and I hit a J+gutshot on the flop so had to continue. Probably I should have slowed down when he reraised me PF, knowing AA was very likely.

That hand crippled me, and I went out a few hands later.