Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Learning other games for WBCOOP

With the 8game event coming up in the WBCOOP, i've had to madly surf the web for:

a) the rules of the games
b) the basic strategy in each

I figure its fairly unlikely that i'll place in this particular event, but I don't want to go in completely clueless either. I've also found I quite enjoy learning new games so i'm finding it reasonably interesting.

I can already see it though, that I will misread a board thinking I have a great hand, where in actual fact I have complete rubbish. I've got the basics on a cheat sheet to show me where flushes/straights count or don't count, where A is high only, and at least some basics around starting hands for each of the individual games, and what is a good or bad flop, and what the nuts looks like. I suspect a number of people will be in a similar position so you never know I may have a chance of sneaking into the money.

At the end of the day, with most games tight is the right way to play, so I'm also figuring i'm not going to lose a lot of value even if I fold in some of the games where I have pretty much no clue.

I played about 20 minutes last night, and only managed to find a couple fishy tables where I had good position. One of them was an Interpoker $2/4 table, which then broke up halfway through my first orbit. Damn annoying that, as the guy to my right was a fairly big maniac at 93/60/3/45 ... and had spewed a heap of chips on every hand that i'd seen.

I did play the whole session on a couple $1/2 bodog tables, and they donated me 25BBs in pretty quick time. Again I had position on a maniac on one table, so i'd basically call down with mid pair when heads up. He paid me off with air three hands in a row which was nice of him. Once admittedly I had the nuts, so anyone would have paid me off. On my second table, I had position on a semiloose passive, and on his right was a big fish, so I decided to stay there. I simply value bet top pair at every opportunity on that table, and they also paid off fairly regularly but I only ended up a few BBs on that particular table after a couple 2 outers went against me.

Current bankroll: $15,200

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