Friday, December 26, 2008

Sometimes I am a muppet

Played a couple hours today, and misread a board again ... which is the second time in not very long. It cost me 4BBs which kinda sux, but I guess it would be far worse playing NL.

I had the 4 card nut straight ..... and that was on a table I was still making money on but luckily it was only $1/2.

I fired up a couple Cake $3/6 tables and was quickly down 30BBs there when my W$SD was under 30%. My note on the guy to the right said "HUGE FISH, will open limp any 2, and call down 44 on a AKQ board". Obviously I couldn't leave and half an hour later my note taking had paid off and i'm up 10BBs which was a fairly nice turn around.

Managed to lose a few BBs on the $2/4 tables though so actually ended up down on Cake for the session, even including $20 in bonus cash.

On the plus side, I made 20BBs on the $1/2 tables on Bodog where I always had a 50+ VPIP fish to my right for the entire session. About time I had a decent win really, as i'm still running like poo there.

Current bankroll: $15,450

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