Thursday, May 1, 2008

Start of May

Played for all of 15 minutes on 2 tables.

In that time hit AA twice, KK once, JJ twice, AQs twice. Split the pot with my KK when the board showed a straight A to T ... GRRRR, and lost one of the JJ hands when an A hit on the river, but the rest were comfortable wins, going to showdown but my lone opponent folding on the river. Made about 14BBs at $2/4 all up, so can't complain.

Made a few party points in the process although now i've hit my party point goal for the week. I believe you may need to be a rocket scientist to understand their new points system. Why they bother to make something so complex is beyond me. I suspect they have too many staff who are trying to justify their existence.

Back again next week. Good luck all.

Current bankroll: $6,800


nemo said...

Just signed up at Stars, you have an account there?

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah I have an account at stars, although now it won't get used unless they offer a juicy reload bonus.

Otherwise its not worth my time playing there as their bonus/rakeback scheme is only somewhat decent for the high volume players