Monday, May 19, 2008


Played a fairly short session, which was fairly up and down. As per usual a few nasty suckouts. I don't think I actually played any hands incorrectly. Lost a 3 way pot with KK v AA, and another when my AK hit the K on the flop, however my opponent's 88 hit another 8 on the turn.

What I really noticed about the session was my level of discipline around table selection. Played very briefly on Cake when I went onto a table with 4 players, and managed to get the seat to the left of the biggest fish. About 20 hands later when I was up about 10BBs, the fish quit, and I then automatically quit at the next blind without even thinking about it. I was actually quite pleased with this, given I know that many people would just keep on playing when they are up. But since the table was no longer good enough for me to have a significant edge i'm happy that I simply quit it almost on autopilot. I must have done it enough times for it to be ingrained on my psyche.

Overall the session was okay and made about $50. Could easily have been more but I was a little unlucky with a relatively low VPIP, low WTSD and slighly below avg W$SD for the session. The pots I did win though, were obviously a little above average.

4 tabling 24 poker for 20 mins also would have racked up a few more hands, so my next $50 bonus release must be very close.

Current Bankroll: $7,650

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