Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An interesting, but somewhat useless stat

Only played a 20 minute session, and pretty much went nowhere. Started off down when one guy hit his set of 3s on the river to my KK. Also got hammered by another guy hitting his runner runner gutshot straight to my AJ pairing the J on the flop. However, I grabbed it all back when they kept on chasing incredibly bad draws versus my made hands. Unfortunately I had to leave when the fish were still biting pretty hard.

I had a quick look at my Pokertracker stats, and found that i've now played 100 'sessions' at $1/2 on 24poker. A session effectively being any block of continuous play on a single table .. so if I was 3 tabling at the same time, it would count as 3 sessions. Over those 100 sessions i've won 56% of them (my interesting stat of the day). Given that i've been winning unusually well on 24 at around 4BB/100, maybe that does sound a bit low. However, i've played approx 4,000 hands in that time with an average 'session' of only 40 hands which could explain a lot of the losing sessions as there will be huge variance in short sessions. Actually, if I really think about it, 56% is actually showing a pretty big edge for limit poker. I'm sure for no limit the stat should probably be higher, but maybe it is quite reasonable for limit poker.

The key thing though, I think, is that my winning sessions are showing significantly bigger wins than the losing sessions are showing losses.

So overall what does it tell me. Hmmm ... not much :)

However, of probably more interest, is that i've cleared $500 of bonus in those 4,000 hands, which equates to $0.125 per hand, or $12.50/100 or 6.25BB/100. That alone is a pretty significant return. It will be a sad day when it runs out after I clear the final $500!

Current Bankroll: $8,300

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