Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A long session

Well, long for me anyways. Two sessions of nearly 2 hours for about 4 hours total play in a day.

Tuesday Aussie time though has to be the worst possible day for poker. Hardly any tables running on most of the sites that I play on, and the few that were running tended to be quite tight.

That being said, I did manage to find a few loose players here and there, mainly on party poker which actually had a few games running, although even there, the majority of the players were pretty tight and I had to close at least half the tables I opened up.

I had the usual horrible start, with a couple massive suckouts early, and my AQ not being good enough versus T2o ... not happy. Managed to drop a quick 20BBs probably in the space of 10 minutes.

However, one hand recovered the entire losses from the start of the session. I was dealt 44 in the BB, and there was an early raiser and 2 cold callers, so i've obviously called. Monotone flop of K74 gave me trips, but anyone with 2 clubs had hit their flush, and anyone with a single flop could easily outdraw me. Scarily the flop betting was capped with 3 runners still in the hand. The turn paired the board with a 7, filling up my boat, and giving me the third nuts, and now anyone with a flush or flush draw was drawing dead (except a hugely unlikely straight flush). The turn I bet out, and one guy actually folded (Dunno what he could have been on to call a cap flop bet, and fold to a single turn bet). The other player called, and the river was a sweet sweet club, which filled up the flush for my opponent, who happened to have the nut flush. Unfortunately for him, capping the river betting ended up being a big payoff for me.

Most of the rest of the sessions headed in an upwards direction, particularly when I managed to score some very rude flops - including my 76s in the BB facing a raise and cold caller hit a flop of 985r .. and remained the nuts for the whole hand, and also flopped a flush twice. Hmm when I think about it, there weren't actually too many outstanding hands. Just a lot of smallish pots where i'd have top pair versus a fish calling down with either top pair and rubbish kicker, or mid or bottom pair, and a few hands where super aggro guy called/raised with air and pair me off.

All in all, made about 60BBs, almost entirely on the $2/4 tables.

I must also add a quick comment on party poker. I probably had about 4 dropouts in the time I was playing which is not acceptable. Given that everyone on the table was also dropping out, I was sure it wasn't a problem at my end, however, go the usual response from party to check my connection, check my cookies etc etc. So I will be giving party a miss for a while as soon as the current bonus is cleared, until I get a really good offer, or some free cash back. It's damn annoying to get disconnected part way through a hand where you have a very strong hand!

Should clear another bonus or two in my next session with any luck, but only around $50 ... Hopefully I can find some tables that are actually running .. and remember not to make Tuesday a poker day in future.

Current bankroll: $7,100

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