Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Summary

April was not too bad, although a couple of quite significant losing runs put a big dent into the profits. One 120BB losing streak (at $3/6!!!) and at least a couple 50BB losses really doesn't help all that much.

On the plus side, found a few very nice bonuses which helped, and also have recovered a significant portion of the losing streak losses. Will be glad when I get back to my all time high though hopefully fairly soon in May. I probably didn't put in too many hours in May either so can't expect to be jumping up huge amounts of cash.

I finished the month on $6,750, which is a gain of $1,000 which I really can't complain about. Also played a reasonable number of hands at $3/6 where there have been appropriate fish, and am relatively comfortable at that level, even though I got massively sucked out on :)

However, one of my main bonuses clears via raked hands at $1/2, so that's where I'll be playing quite a bit in May I think.

The gain of $1,000 for the month was made up of:

Bonuses: $625

  • William Hill: $50 for 5 hours play bonus
  • Sun: $20 bonus for playing 160mpps
  • Cake: $110 bonus cleared
  • 24: $150 sign up bonus
  • Big slick: $25 sign up bonus
  • Party: $10 reload bonus
  • Pokerroom: $210 through PSO
  • Pokerstars: $50 sign up bonus (finally got round to clearing this one)

Rakeback: $115

Fulltilt: $0
Sun: $25
Cake: $80
William Hill: $10

Poker winnings / (losses): $260 (disappointing .. although probably didnt play a huge amount)

For May the goals in order of priority are:

  • Clear as much of my 24 bonus as possible ($850 remaining)
  • Play my 5 hours on William Hill for the $50 bonus
  • Clear some of the Sun bonus - maybe $20 or $50 (through double up SnGs mainly)
  • Clear $45 on party which expires in 10 days
  • Clear my last $50 on cake
  • Clear a chunk of the $450 remaining on Big Slick

Current bankroll: $6,750


nemo said...

Nice finish of the month there! My bankroll still sucks but hopefully I can catch up to ya soon!

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate. good luck in the chase :)