Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hate leaving the fish!

Only had time for a brief session before having to head out.

This time that proved to be quite annoying as there was one pretty big fish on the table, and most of the other players were pretty ordinary as well. The fish had managed to take a $40 pot off me, when my AK v his Q6o flopped K96r. Obviously a 6 would hit on the river as he called every street.

He gave that back pretty quick, and soon lost his $70 buy in. And then promptly reloaded with $150 ... I was absolutely spewing that I had to leave then ... i'm sure if i'd kept playing he'd give me some more cash. Ended up maybe $10 or $20, but for half an hour of play that's probably okay. Should be a bit closer to clearing my next $50 on 24poker as well.

Not sure how I went with my Bigslick loyalty deal last month. Have sent an email to my affiliate and am still waiting for a response. Will have to keep a close eye on that one.

Current Bankroll: $7,350

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