Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes you just run hot

Played for just under an hour last night, mainly on William Hill to do my 5 hours of play worth $10 per hour. Played 3 tables at once and cleared 2 lots of the bonus, and must be very very close to clearing the final $10. Wouldnt be surprised if it is already cleared when I next log in.

Anyways in that time I managed to win around 60BBs - although pity it was only at the $1/2 tables, but thats all you need to play on to clear the bonus, and at $30 per hour when 3 tabling that seems like a pretty good deal to me, given its very low risk.

My table selection was good, although I was a bit stuck for seat selection. On two of the tables there were two fish with VPIPs of around 55% and almost no aggression. On one of the tables, I had position on both the fish, but on the other table they had position on me which kinda sucked. Where I had the ideal seat, I won 40+ BBs. The other table was still a winning table, but nowhere near to the same degree. I guess it does indicate the importance of seat as well as table selection (although a very small sample I know).

There weren't too many hands of note that I can recall, although I did get called down a lot, when I was holding a good but not great hand (which ended up being the best hand) and got raised a few times when I was holding the nuts or near nuts, which is always nice. A few more bad suckouts than normal, but that was only because these guys were playing so many hands - but they also gave it all back to me and more.

Played my first Sitngo for a couple weeks, and managed to double my cash there. Only really played one hand where I called a couple limpers with 98s. Flop of 88J was looking pretty sweet. 9 on the turn just iced the cake, and added about 800 chips to my starting stack of 1500. Basically folded my way into the money after that, with only a couple pot steals, and one successful flop continuation bet.

The only real downer about the session was that it was mostly at the $1/2 level rather than something higher where i'd have made a lot more. But the levels I play at currently are driven by bonus clear rates / risk management more than seeking out the highest level to possibly play at.

Also cleared another $50 at 24poker, which still clears at the $1/2 level. Pity there's just not enough traffic on the site when I want to play there. I might have to start playing at the $2/4 level there as well, just to clear the bonus. Thinking about it, I probably will as long as I can find tables that are fishy enough. I have another 60 days to clear another $800 in bonus there so really need to pull my finger out. (And still have a stack to clear on bigslick as well!!)

Current bankroll: $7,300

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