Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cash out methods

Firstly, I actually played for another hour - this is looking like a huge week compared to most so far! Again managed to start down about 25BBs when the usual muppet sucked out a 3 on the river to give them trips versus my AQ flopping an A. Also lost when my nut flush draw hit the flush on the river, which also paired the board, sinking me with a full house. I did get revenge on the muppet later though when his flush draw hit on the river but turned my K9 on a K9xx board into a full house.

Found my saviour on Cake though, who appeared to be a complete maniac, and I had the prime position sitting on his left! In the 3 hands I tangled with him, once I had the nuts, which he bet and called all streets to show down with nothing, next I had top pair/top kicker, and again he showed down with nothing, and the final hand I had only A high, and he again bet into me with nothing. He actually left the table after the first one, and someone else at the table chatted 'damn, I wish that guy reloaded'. About 5 seconds later he reappeared on the table in the same seat!!! Just when I was about to leave too, but when he reappeared, I decided to stay till he busted out ... which didnt take long.

Anyways, I pulled in about 40BBs all up at $2/4, which is a fairly nice return after the negative 25BB start. Haven't quite played enough hands to clear any more bonus, but it shouldn't be far away.

Okay .. cash out methods. I've finally decided to actually cash out some of my bankroll. I will still keep it separate from any other funds, but invested and earning interest. May as well have my bankroll growing rather than just sitting there on poker sites or neteller not earning any interest at all. I actually received my prepaid card yesterday from Neteller, so will do my first cash out soon. Hopefully it goes smoothly!

Current Bankroll: $8,450


The blindman said...

Curious: when did you apply for the prepaid card?? I applied nearly 8 weeks ago, and have heard nothing.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Mine came in about a week (to Australia that is)

However, I then had to link the card up to neteller which involved using their live chat a few times, before they actually linked up the card.