Monday, May 12, 2008

A new king of the fish

Played for maybe 45 mins total, but couldn't find a decent table on 24poker or Bigslick. Found a table that had one fish (although I didn't know it at the time), a couple rocks, one TAG and one quite loose but aggresive player.

Figured i'd probably quit after one orbit, given the relatively poor table until I was dealt QJs in MP. Fish called my raise from the button and the others folded. I completely whiffed the flop, but made a continuation bet which got called. Turn was a K, which didnt help me at all, but I figured I'd take a punt and fire another bullet. Very disappointed to get called. River didn't help me at all, and didnt complete any draws that I could bluff to, so I figured i'd have to check/fold. To my surprise my fishy mate, who is now king of the fish checked in behind, showing down 9 high and didn't have a draw either on any street. OMFG - maybe this table ain't so bad.

King of the fish then proceeded to bleed chips rapidly, and also called down my AA when I was betting every street, and he held 8 high ...

The rest of the table being relatively tight actually worked in my favour and I was able to isolate the fish on quite a few hands. Ended up making about 20BBs from him, plus a bit more from another table, to end up a good $100 in a fairly brief amount of time.

I must be about halfway through my next $50 in bonus on 24 as well.

Current Bankroll: $7,450

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