Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A quick stats check

After another 1 hour session which went down before going up to about a $20 profit. I was not able to table select at all which was very irritating. Sometimes being on Aussie time kinda sux, as there are relatively few tables running (none on crypto!! none at $1/2 on 24poker!! about 5 on bigslick but with % seeing flop < 30% which looked too tight). I did manage to get one fish on my right though on one table, who consistently called down with nothing, which did allow me to recover my early losses.

However, I thought i'd better have a quick check of my stats, as maybe i've developed a leak or two in my game that is costing me.

I have played about 2,400 hands on 24poker, so I know, a very small sample, but a quick look at my overall stats shows:
  • vpip: 27.5
  • wtsd: 36
  • W$sd: 51
  • AF: 2.3
  • PTBB/100: 0.8
That actually doesnt look too bad - maybe the AF is a touch high and the vpip marginally low but that could easily be just variance over such a small sample. I'd prefer the PTBB/100 a bit higher, as it was running at 3 earlier - but that is probably not sustainable. Hmm .. maybe I need to drill down a little further.

At $2/4 i've only played 300 hands:
  • VPIP 23 (ack too low)
  • wtsd 27 (ack too low, and even worse given the low VPIP which should skew this higher)
  • W$SD 55 (actually higher than normal - but due to playing fewer hands and who)
  • AF: 3 (turn af 4.5!!! river 2.1!!! - way too high)
  • BB/100: -1 !!!!

At $1/2 i've played about 2,100 hands

  • wtsd 38
  • W$SD 50
  • bb/100: 1.5
  • AF: 2

So it looks like my $2/4 results are skewing my overall figures. Such a small sample would simply be variance I believe, although based on a quick look my aggression is way too high at 2/4 - maybe i've been bluffing too many turns with continuation bets, and even firing a 3rd bullet on the river. I'm also not going to showdown enough at $2/4, which could be simply i've been missing the flops.

The $1/2 results actually look quite good and closer to my long term stats on any other poker site. I will continue to watch the $2/4 statistics though. I can remember I had a TAG on my right the other day which may have contributed to a lower WTSD, and a lower VPIP at $2/4.

Current Bankroll: $7,450

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