Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lessons from the fish

I had a quick half hour session on 24 with 2 or 3 $1/2 tables open and one $3/6 table on cake.

There was a bit of chatter going on in the chat box on a 24 table and one of the fish called me an idiot for folding on the river – “why not call the river when you’ve already called the flop and turn?” he then asked. I had missed my OESD into 2 players and I wasn’t closing the action. Had a bit of a chuckle to myself as I noted him down as easy money, and didn’t reply as I’d prefer it if he thought I had no idea. Won about 15BBs off him over the next 15 minutes which was handy.

My cake table that I’d opened up showed 70% of players per flop so I couldn’t really pass it up, particularly at the 3/6 level. Since Cake doesn’t allow pokertracker, I had a quick look at my notes next to each of the players. As luck would have it I had a seat to the left of a guy I’d marked as ‘green’ which means easy money. Looking at my notes on him showed – “super aggro player. Will bet all streets with air inc river. Will reraise in the BB with J3o. Generally should call down with pair or better.” So I had great position on basically a maniac, and there were also a couple other fish on the table I’d also marked as green.

Started not so well, with me having at least top pair and top kicker in two of the first three hands. With maniac betting all the way, and me raising the early streets and calling down, both times he showed a rivered gutshot straight. So straight away I’m down about 10BBs.

About two hands later I’m dealt with KQ in the BB. Folded to maniac who raises. I obviously reraise, which he calls. Flop was AA7 which didn’t really help me, but was a little scary. He bet, and I raised, he reraised which made me think maybe he did have an A, or possibly a pocket pair. Based on my notes though I figured I was still a chance and he could easily be K high or worse. So I went into call down mode. He then bet the turn which was another A, and then bet the river which was a K. At this point I know I’ve got the second nuts and am only losing to him holding the last A. I ended up just calling instead of reraising, which I’m not sure was the right thing to do. He showed down QJ giving me a decent pot.

Won a few more pots against him and eventually got into a 3 way pot with 33 in the BB. One limper, he raised, I called, limper called,. Flop was something like 678, which wasn’t the prettiest flop, but not a complete disaster for me. He raised the flop as per usual, and normally I’d muck here, but figured I could be in front so threw in a raise. The limper folded. Turn was a T, which did really suck, however he checked, so I figured I’d raise to take down the pot. Unfortunately he called. River was another 7 giving me 2 pair. He checked and I checked in behind with him showing down KQo. I’m not sure if I played the hand quite right, although I’m happy with the flop reraise to force out the other limper and potentially clean up some outs.

Anyways I ended up winning about 15BBs there, clearing another $50 in bonuses on 24, and winning about 25BBs on the $1/2 tables, which was a pretty big win rate for such a brief period of time. Thank you fishies :)

Current Bankroll: $7,900


nemo said...

dude you always manage to find the best tables. i wish US players could have access to these sites, i'd be a very happy gambler =P

parttimebonuschaser said...

mostly i find the good tables cause i refuse to play on the bad ones :)

Cake is available to US players I believe, and I find it to be one of the fishiest.