Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stats - the river

Thought i'd better have a quick check of the 'more details' summary on pokertracker, just in case I have developed any more leaks in my game.

On a quick view, only 2 stats really stood out. My AF on the river was only just over 1, and my fold to a river bet was 30%.

It looks like probably i'm not value betting enough on the river, and should have a slightly higher AF, but as compensation, i'm calling down a lot of river bets. I suspect i'm taking the theories of not betting when I will only get called by a better hand and checking to induce a bluff on the river to the extreme, and it may actually be a leak.

I will have to make sure I am getting this right. Might have to refer back to the stox or shorthanded books to brush up on the theory as well.

Anyways, only played briefly on the tables, and made about 20BBs on the $1/2 table. Was well up on a $2/4 table before I missed about 3 draws in a row, and managed to have my QJ dominated by KQ in a stealing situation. Disappointing not to end further up, but any positive session is a good session :)

cyas next week

Current Bankroll: $7,950

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