Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not enough time

Didnt really get to play again on the weekend. Although found maybe half an hour.

In that time I did manage to get 2 outered twice on the river, which did peeve me somewhat, as well as one guy in the SB calling my UTG raise with me holding AQs and him holding T5o, and obviously he hits his T and 5 on the river.

However, at the same time they did manage to call me down quite consistently when I was holding at least top pair or better, so they did donate another $50 to my bankroll, which I should thank them for.

I've got tomorrow off work, so should be able to play for 2 or 3 hours. Although poker tracker is giving me a virus warning at the moment so i'll have to find out what's going on there!!!

Current bankroll: $6,850


nemo said...

Virus warning with poker tracker... that can never be good! haha. I tried playing some micro-limit games on Stars the other day but failed misserably. Had a set of 8's lose to set of Q's... Set of A's lose to quad dueces. Was horrible. However, I've been kicking but in the Sit 'N Go tourneys as well as the regular tournaments. I prefer No-Limit over limit these days. Much more complex and for some reason I seem to get it better.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah, I just needed to update poker tracker from their website, and the virus warning disappeared.

Set over set or quads is (almost) always going to get you stacked. You'll get revenge by doing the reverse soon enough :)

I suspect you'll find more fish at no limit, as its probably a bit more popular than limit. Keep playin whatever you're winning at!