Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Could have been worse ....

Suffered a couple huge bad beats in approx $80 pots, which are still relatively large for me.

I found a great table to play on for about 1.5hrs, where I had a fish on my left, who had a VPIP of 96%!!! He also had a WTSD of around 40%. Unfortunately for me though, he also had a W$SD of over 70% ... WTF is that??? How can you win almost 50% of the hands played over about 150 hands??

Anyways .. my two nasty beats were:

Betting capped preflop with me holding JJ. Flop is J high - sweet!! (although 2 suited) Fish happened to be holding AJs which was even better, although he did have a backdoor flush possibility. Flop raised and reraised. Turn was a blank, which was raised and reraised. Of course his backdoor flush hits on the river ... FFS

2nd nasty beat was where I held QTo in the big blind, one raiser and 2 cold callers. I called and flop was JT2r. I raise and get 2 callers. Turn is another T - bonus so now there aren't too many hands in front of me, and I raise and get reraised. Hmmm. River is an 8, which my opponent raises ... maybe he hit his OESD? My crying call has him showing down T8s ... FFS

Also managed to lose with AA 3 times and KK once. Frustrating!!!

Had a few other big hands where a flush completed on the river and someone would show down suited trash to beat me. Of course all my flush draws missed. GRRR. So all in all I would be down $100, however, at the same time I cleared $100 in bonus from 24poker to effectively break even. I had to leave when the fish had doubled his starting stack, which also pissed me off.

Anyways. Might play a little more tonight and see what happens. Hopefully I can find some more fish who dont luck box on me!

Current bankroll: $7,450

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