Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maybe I smell?

Played about 40 mins or so, but bugger me, if every time I sat down at a table it would be empty within 10 minutes. I cant remember pissing people off, so maybe I stink?

Found one great $3/6 table on Cake, with a players seeing flop a bit over 60%. There were 2 people on their that I had noted as fish, but unfortunately the biggest fish of all was the person who left to allow me to get onto the table. I found myself sitting to the left of an almost maniac, who would steal raise every time. Luckily for me on a couple steal attempts I happened to be holding an Ace and obliged him with a 3 bet, and also managed to flop an A on 2 occasions. Ended up making about 10BBs there.

Couldnt find much on 24poker, so sat in some fairly tough games, purely to clear bonus rather than expecting a profit. Ended up a little down on those tables, but overall up for the session. I think i'm about halfway to clearing my next $50 bonus as well which I might clear tonight with any luck.

good luck for the weekend everyone. i'll be back next week.

Current Bankroll: $7,500


nemo said...

haha you smelly tard! glad to see you're still at an uphill climb with your bankroll.

on a side note, i've been observing the $10/$20 limit game on Bodog the last 24 hours(i was bored) and I gotta tell you, it's juicy. Those guys play the same way they play the nickel and dime games if you wanna give it a shot.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah, still slowly uphill

i've been meaning to check out bodog. i'm sure i'll get there eventually. Its going to take me another couple months just to clear the last $700 bonus on 24 though.

I'm not rolled for $10/20 so that's a fair way away yet. Even if the games are soft, i dont want to risk playing out of my bankroll and putting a huge dent in my roll.

once my bonus is done though i'll be out looking for juicy bonus / rakeback deals again - bodog may even fit that criteria. will see

nemo said...

ah makes sense... I play mostly on bodog, their reload bonus is pretty generous(for an American player that is ;]).