Sunday, May 18, 2008


I think I got in around 3 hours in total since last Thursday, which is pretty good for me.

Started off absolutely terribly dropping a good 40BBs at $2/4 inside half an hour, mainly by going fairly card dead, and every flop missing me, and every muppet calling down my continuation bets with something like bottom pair and no kicker, which still beat me.

Also managed to lose one hand where I had QdQc in MP. One limper from early position so I raised. The button called so it was 3 to the flop. Flop is Qs7d4s. Limper bets out, I raise, button calls, limper calls. Turn is 7s, which fills me up, and completes a potential flush draw. Limper bets, I reraise, button reraises, limper folds, I reraise. River 7c .... the only possible card for me to lose to ... I bet, button raises ... shit ... call ... 4 of a kind beats my boat. This clown had actually played A7o to a raise. Had called with middle pair and a potential flush draw on the board that he didn't have a piece of, had raised and called the cap on the turn ... F me!!! He sucked out another 3 or 4 hands as well which was pissing me off, whilst giving it back to the other players. Anyways, I guess i'm sorta lucky in that its the first time i've actually lost with a full house.

I then found a juicy $3/6 table on cake, which I decided to join at the same time. Played about 50 hands, and had one of the hottest runs i've ever been on. I saw 22 flops, of which I won 10 without a showdown and of the remaining 12 hands i won 10 of them at showdown. (and was actually a little unlucky to lose the other 2!!). That more than made up for the previous losses.

Oh yeah, my tilt story ... almost forgot

Had another session later, where i'd like to point out a small tilt inducing sequence of hands. Folded to a very aggro player (almost always bet all 3 streets) to my right who raised my big blind as expected. I was holding A6o, but with his steal % over 50% I figured i'm not in bad shape. I guess I made a mistake in not reraising though. Flop was J87 rainbow. Hmm i've whiffed here, but he could easily be betting air. I just flat called (probably also bad in hindsight). Turn 9 which gave me the bottom end of an oesd. At this point I figure any A, and any 5 and fairly likely any T, and possibly a 6 is going to be good. So i figure I have maybe 15 outs, and can't fold to his turn bet. River is a sweet 5, which he bets. For some dumb reason I didnt raise that river. Not sure what I was thinking. Made a lot of mistakes that hand. He shows QQ, and was not particularly happy.

Next hand that villain limps in, and the BB checks. I fold in the SB with T6o. Flop is Th9h2s, which villain bets. BB calls. Turn 10d. Villain bets, BB calls. River 2c. Villain bets, BB calls. I'm guessin that villain probably has just the two pair on the board, with maybe an A high kicker. Villain turns over Q7o (WTF .. limp with that???) and loses to 94o. I dont think he was happy again. (and pity I didnt limp!!)

Next hand i'm on the button, and same villain is in the BB. I look down to see Qh8h and when its folded to me I raise hoping to steal. Unfortunately SB reraises, which kinda sux, but to my surprise villain cold calls 2. Flop is Qc7h4h. So i've hit top pair, and my flush draw is very much alive. SB bets, and villain then raises ... Hmmm wtf can he have? maybe trips? Anyhow, I reraise, and SB caps. Villain and I call. Turn is a sweet, sweet 2h. SB bets out .. hmmm maybe he has a flush as well? More likely a big pair I think. Villain flat calls it, so I raise. SB then folds saying KK is not enough against this action in the chat box. Villain then wakes up and reraises. Hmmm ... trips? maybe he hit the flush draw as well? He's been over aggro before though, so I decide to cap the turn with the Q high flush. Villain calls. River is Jc. Villain raises. Hmm maybe he has a better flush? Probably not, I figure i'll stick with my initial read, so I reraise. He calls and shows down 9h8c, for a hand that is 9 high ... ummm WTF ... well I guess that's what tilt does to you - you play like an absolute muppet... and donate a $90+ pot to me :)

I'm glad he was the one tilting and not me, but I guess it does show that tilt can make you do some crazy things!!

Anyways, overall, ended up about $100 for the weekend. Should have been more but had one other session later where I managed to miss every draw and had some very rude bad beats. But you get that sometimes.

Current Bankroll: $7,600


nemo said...

Nice run there! Glad to see that someone is being payed off by other tilters. As for me, I've been donking away money. Lost around $100 this weekend. Not too happy about it, but I made a measly $20 of it back tonight, perhaps I can turn things around. Not to mention, had my first straight flush and royal flush... in the same day!

parttimebonuschaser said...

heh, yeah. nice effort with the str flush and royal! i've only ever got 2 of each .. and they were a long time between drinks.

be patient and you'll get it back - just dont try to do it all in one hit :)

nemo said...

I really think I need to re-evaluate my game. I havent had a winning session in months. I only seem to win in the nickel and dime games. I smash the competition there. Anything higher, I get slaughtered. Back to the books for me!

parttimebonuschaser said...

I'd say keep on playing the games you can beat and look for your leaks in pokertracker as you play before you move back up again, as well as the reading!