Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to square one for April

Finally got myself back to even for the month last night in a short session. As per usual, the midweek saw very few tables open, however, I did find my big fish from yesterday on Bodog. Unluckily though, the only seat available was on his right. Luckily, there were also a couple other fish to the right of that so I sat on down.

I was also looking for some tables on William Hill. There were probably a good 25 tables running between $1/2 and $3/6. However, it seems that midweek is when all the nits and tags come out, as the highest players per pot was about 45, and when I sat down on that table ($2/4) it rapidly dropped to under 30 within a couple orbits, so obviously I stood up and left.

Bodog was at least a bit more generous to me today though, and my fishy mate gave me back a good 10BBs, and another couple fish donated me another 10 or so. Managed to get my AA cracked for the 4th time in a row, so i'm looking forward to that turning around sooner or later.

Also received some more William Hill rakeback. I dunno how it works there or on what basis they pay it out, as I seem to get random credits, for random amounts, at random times of the week. At least its a little more than I was expecting, otherwise i'd have to complain!

Since there's not much poker to talk about, thought i'd do a quick AFL DT update. Currently sitting in the top 300 overall, but still managed to lose my first league game in my mates' league so i'm in the bottom half of the table there. Not too fussed as it was against another very good team. In my league where i'm playing for cash, I had a solid win first up, so that's looking good. Plenty of trades left in the bank, and i'll keep em that way, as i'd really like to take the winner takes all prize of $300. My main threat has already used 5 out of his 20 trades, and its only round 1, so I suspect unless he gets very lucky i'm in with a huge chance of taking the cash when he runs out of trades near the end of the season.

Current bankroll: $17,250
April time played: 16h30m
April profit/(loss): $0

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behhh04 said...

Hey mate nice blog! Good to see someone who posts fairly regularly and uses good tracking stats etc.

Feel free to add my blog to your blogroll: http://behhh04.blogspot.com/ ill add yours to mine.

Good luck at the tables!