Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing catch up

Well, at least i've been consistent over the past six weeks or so.

The weekend started with me running like a turd again on Saturday morning. On two Bodog $1/2 tables I had position on a couple players who were fairly big fish, running with a BB/100 in negative double digits. Somehow i've then managed to drop 50BBs on one table, and 25BBs on the other. I'd also lost a few BBs on William Hill on the $2/4 tables. Checking my stats I wasn't playing badly, but was simply getting crucified at showdown. Still .. at $200 down for the start of the weekend, it wasn't a great beginning, and once again I was playing catch up just to get back to even.

I did find myself getting a little agitated, so I actually decided to quit, rather than risk potentially tilting.

Came back a bit later and played for half an hour - and actually pulled back 40BBs when I managed to run pretty hot and was up against some pretty big fish who were around the 75/5 mark.

Sunday I got up early for my Cake freeroll. In the first 3 blind levels I think the only had I had was 99 which had two callers and flopped AK6r so I gave that one away immediately. With about 20BBs left I found myself with AKo in MP with an aggro player on my right raising it up 2.5XBB. I decided to push, and found myself up against TT. The race was on! Flop TJ2r and the race was over ....

Played an hour at the same time on a bodog table or two plus a William Hill $3/6 table where I'd stumbled across a 96/20 fish who seemed to be hellbent on just giving his money away. I ended up about 20BBs before he ran out of cash. Add on a bit of rakeback and bonus clearing and i've clawed my way back into the black for the weekend.

William Hill is going to do for the moment as my secondary site apart from Bodog. Since its on Ipoker there's plenty of table selection, and with the current deposit bonus i'm getting about a 50% equivalent rakeback. It may even be slightly higher as I have received a random deposit or two in my account over what I was expecting for rakeback.

Current bankroll: $17,200
April time played: 15h30m
April profit/(loss): ($50)

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