Monday, April 13, 2009

Thought it might be a weekend of pain

I played almost a couple hours on Saturday firing up a few tables between Bodog, Pacific and William Hill. (I've decided to actually clear some more of the bonus there to see what kind of rakeback rate i'm getting - it doesnt seem as bad as I first thought).

On my Pacific $3/6 table I then proceeded to play 62 hands without winning a single one of them. No showdown wins, and no wins without showdown. Nasty. The next 30ish hands had me hitting a couple wins and then losing several hands with the second nuts, which are obviously very costly hands when playing 6max. I found myself about 50BBs down in that first hour or so.

At the same time I had a Littlewoods $2/4 table open where I had a couple massive fish sitting on my right. Again, I just could not win a hand, and managed to drop 50BBs there as well.

So after an hour of play i'm staring at a $500 loss so far for the weekend. Ugly. The tables were still great though with several huge fish on them, and I gradually started clawing back. So much so, that I actually made back all 50BBs on Pacific within the next hour, and then a few more BBs. William Hill paid off about 25BBs so I ended still a little down, but not too bad. I should grab a few hands from the session, as there were plenty of very rude beats.

Sunday I played just over an hour, where my bankroll didn't move until the last 5 minutes. It was one of those fairly frustrating sessions where I'd win a couple solid pots, and then the one time the fish would have a great hand, i'd have a good hand which would cost me quite a few BBs. (I managed to run into the 90/20 guy's bullets twice ....). About five minutes before quitting though I had that guy plus another 85/0 guy to my right and they both decided to cap the turn and river when I had AA on a board of ATTQK. All of a sudden i'm up about 25BBs for the session.

Monday was another session a little under an hour, where I again moved absolutely nowhere for about 40 minutes, before winning another 15BBs in the last orbit.

I guess the lesson for me was that patience is often rewarded - as long as you keep playing solidly.

I should also get a reasonable rakeback/bonus credit from the weekend, as a lot of my play was at $3/6. I also picked up the $25 from Fulltilt's really easy take 2 bonus.

Current bankroll: $17,400
April time played: 11h
April profit/(loss): $150


rubbish said...

Hi mate,
Quick question. I've only been playing properly for about a year and have only recently signed up on Full Tilt.
I've got a $200 starting bonus and have just got the first $20. Do the amount of points you require go down with every increment? And what's the easiest way to gain FT points?
All the best.

parttimebonuschaser said...

There's only a couple things to consider with fulltilt points -

a) you get .01 points per 1c raked at the table as long as you are dealt cards. Therefore you are going to get more points for every blind you pay if you play full ring. (not that it would matter to me as i'd still play shorthanded as that's my best game)

b) since its based on rake, if you want to get points quickly you'd want to play a high raking game. Fixed limit is generally much higher raking than no limit so you'll get points quicker there.

That being said, if your expertise is not in fixed limit, there's no point playing and losing just to go after the bonus.

The points required are exactly the same for each part of the bonus cleared last I checked.

rubbish said...

Cheers mate.
Pretty crap at fixed imit or more to the point, don't enjoy it so seem to lose more often than not.
My first bonus took me 550 FT points but my second one is due in 350 points? God knows.
All the best.