Wednesday, April 15, 2009

$4/8 pain continues

Played a brief session last night on mainly Bodog, Pacific and William Hill, and managed to strike several problems all at once.

Firstly Bodog wasn't capturing hands for some reason at the $4/8 table, whilst the $1/2 table was capturing perfectly fine. I find that not having PT stats is fairly crippling, although since I already had notes on the two players to my right who were total fish I decided to stay at the table.

Secondly William Hill, in all their wisdom decided to reverse their date order again in the hand history, so instead of mm/dd/yy its now dd/mm/yy. It's made a bit of a mess of my pokertracker database with the latest tables now appearing at the bottom of the list instead of the top. They'd already switched this once before which required a patch to fix, and now it looks like they've switch it back. ARGH. I've updated to the latest patch (PT2), and at least its importing them.

Third problem - received a bunch of nasty river suck outs in 15BB+ pots at $4/8, and ended down about 20BBs where I could easily have made a tidy profit for the session. Sometimes you get a great table, have great position, and things just don't go your way....

Current bankroll: $17,200
April time played: 12h
April profit/(loss): ($50)

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