Sunday, April 5, 2009

And .. back down again

Played about an hour on Saturday, mainly on Cake, where I seemed to be getting rivered consistently. A quick check of my stats showed me going to showdown a slightly low 30% over 150 hands, and winning a fairly poor 30% of those showdowns.

However, it only resulted in me being down around 25BBs so not really that bad results wise, even though it was at $3/6 in the main.

Sunday morning I managed to get up early for my freeroll, and whilst that was running I had one or two other tables open between Cake, Bodog and Pacific.

After 80 hands of $1/2 on Cake i'd dropped 25BBs where I had a went to showdown at all of 10%, and of those i'd only won 30%. Talk about card dead.

Then at $3/6 on Pacific I dropped another 40BBs where I again managed to showdown 30% of the time, and only won 10% of those. One huge muppet on the table was up 100BBs and every single time he seemed to jag between a two and five outer on either the turn or river. Sickening.

Overally a bit of a nasty little hit to the bankroll, but as i've noticed recently it does happen fairly regularly and all you can do is sit back down, find a great seat on a juicy table, and start grinding it back up again.

The freeroll was a little interesting. About 800 runners for a 10k euro prize pool, however, i'd say at least a third of those runners were sitting out. I seemed to be fairly unlucky with my seat position with a bunch of the sitouts being on my right so I wasn't getting many free chips. I lasted a fair way into the tournament without hitting too many decent hands - although in fact I had AA twice, but both times they were folded to my 3x BB bet.

I found myself with about 9,000 chips in the big blind with blinds at 500/1,000 and an ante of 100 looking at Q9o. I figured at this stage of the tournament with my stack it is basically push or fold, however, on this particular hand there was one min raiser in middle position which gave me about 4.5:1 on a call which I decided to take.

Flop was KK8 giving me absolutely nothing, so I checked. Villain then checked behind, so I was wondering if he'd either flopped a monster, or whiffed completely. Turn was a J, which at least gave me a gutshot, so I checked again, and he checked behind again. Odd. River hit my gutshot with a T, although also would have hit AQ. I decided with my relatively small chip stack it was worth a gamble to just stick it all in here. He had me covered by about 6,000 chips and snap called to show KJ and a turned boat knocking me out of the tourney. Maybe I should have picked the slow play? Dunno. Anyways that was in position 100ish with top 70 being paid. A disappointing 3 hours of effort.

Current bankroll: $17,000
April time played: 5h30m
April profit/(loss): ($250)

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