Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rare 70s fish

As planned I got in a couple hours of poker last night which ended up with a single $1/2 table on Bodog, a mixture of $2/4 and $3/6 on William Hill and several double up sngs on Pokerstars to try to clear my old reload there, as well as just being something different.

I had position on one guy on bodog who was 70/0, and I was thinking I would be in for a fantastic session there. He also went to showdown 70% of the time. Unfortunately for me, he then managed to win 70% of those showdowns to have about a 80BB/100 over the space of about 100 hands. I'm soon another 50BBs down on Bodog. Go figure.

On the $2/4 and $3/6 tables though, I managed to win about 15BBs each, which actually meant that i'd finished the session in the black. Not too many notable hands but I probably switched between about 20 tables for the session to make sure I always had position on at least one largish fish. I should have accrued some decent rakeback as well given the time I played for.

I quite enjoyed playing double ups for a change again too. I hadn't really played since crypto died the other month. Out of my 3 games, I lost my super turbo when I pushed all in for 10BBs with JJ and got called by AT. Flop A and i'm out. Harsh. However, I made up for it in one of the regular double ups where I pushed all in with a OESD and some guy decided to call me ... with A high. I'm like, WTF? how can you call an all in with A high .... Anyways, I hit my draw and survived to double up. The third game ran pretty simply, with no real confrontations, and never having to put it all in which is the way I prefer double ups to go.

Hopefully I will get in another couple hours of poker on the weekend. Good luck all.

Current bankroll: $17,100
April time played: 19h30m
April profit/(loss): ($150)

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