Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another early one coming up

Played all of 10 minutes yesterday just trying to get 1mpp on Interpoker to qualify for the freeroll that is Sunday morning my time ... 5am ... ouch. Their system seems a little slow in actually updating your fpps so I will have to check my balance and enter the tourney later on today.

Fulltilt has started an interesting promo today as well. Basically you have to play 2 tables simultaneously every day for 10 days straight starting today and you get a $25 bonus. I believe you only have to earn one FPP in each session. Sounds like a piece of Cake for a small albeit useful reward, and since I play at least for a few mins each day I should be able to pick it off pretty easily. Free money is always good. Anyways if you're not a member at fulltilt feel free to sign up under RakeTheRake for rakeback as well.

In my 10 minute session I actually managed to make about 20BBs although mainly at $1/2 on Bodog and a handful at E1/2 on Interpoker. In the space of only about 20 hands i've managed to hit a nut flush, an OESD with my card being a rubbish 5 but good enough to win, and called down one aggro guy with a pair of 6s on a low uncoordinated board for him to show K high. Its kind of funny how sometimes it can take you hours to make 20BBs and other times things just go your way.

Good luck for the weekend. I'll be setting my alarm early for Sunday .... great ....

Current bankroll: $17,450
April time played: 1h30m
April profit/(loss): $200


Ace Redman said...

nice blog. Typo on thebalance today tho

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate. i've been the king of typos lately