Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fish out in force

Odd for a midweek, but the fish seemed to be out there on quite a few tables. Of course i'd only have 15 minutes to play which kinda sucked, but they still donated me a good 40BBs at $1/2 and a handful at $2/4.

I actually found one guy on a $1/2 table on Bodog who was betting and raising every single time, on every street no matter what two cards he had. When I sat down he had about 70BBs, and in the space of 15 minutes he'd thrown away the lot. Actually it was probably more like 10 minutes ... if that.

On another table I had two opponents around the 70/5 mark and one at 65/30. A goldmine as it were, although oddly the 65/30 guy I had 600 hands on and was running at +10BB/100. I guess a chunk of that could have been from me running super cold and donating him quite a few BBs in the last few weeks. Those guys handed over about 20BBs for my session even though I had my AA cracked twice in the space of 15 hands. They paid me back when I hit the 2nd nut flush on the turn of a capped 4 ways preflop, 4 ways on the flop, and 3 ways on the turn. My flush was quite a ways in front of an overpair in the end for a huge pot.

I also received my Bodog reload for the month, so i'm going to have to make another deposit again tonight or whenever I get back onto the tables.

I think i've got one month left on my William Hill deposit bonus, so I won't be looking for a new bonus to chase quite yet.

Current bankroll: $17,400
April time played: 23h30m
April profit/(loss): $150

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